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Medical Editing

Our established team of experienced medical editors strives to make each case reviewed more readable, enhance the language used, check grammar, find typos, highlight areas of concern and communicate suggestions to doctors in a supportive manner. Our aim is to make sure the English is at a native level so that you can focus on the research itself. Please also see our “Core Values”.

We also take into consideration whether a manuscript needs more extensive editing (for example a new manuscript) or whether less intensive editing is required (for example a second revision). In all cases, however, we discuss the requirements with the author to ensure the best possible outcomes.

If you only require partial editing of a manuscript, for example if you have re-written the Discussion or a reviewer asks you to check specific sections, then let us know and we will quote accordingly.


An increasing number of journals (including those published by Elsevier) check for plagiarism using services such as iThenticate. These services check your manuscript against a vast database of published research articles to create a report highlighting areas that possibly involve plagiarism and provide a “similarity score”. If this score is too high, the journal may reject your paper or ask you to re-phrase the highlighted areas.

In many cases, we have found that such problems arise through self-plagiarism where an author has reused text from a previous paper, typically involving the methods section. We can assist with re-phrasing text in these situations on a case-by-case basis (please contact us for more information). If required, we can also help authors to check their manuscript through iThenticate before submission (although this can be done directly through the iThenticate website).

Urgent Cases

We understand that there are times when you just have to meet a deadline, be it from an editor or a supervisor or simply your own requirements. We strive to meet any deadline on a case by case basis, and with our dedicated team we can usually start right away. So don’t delay, contact us now.


Although the basics of a manuscript are mostly the same, from the title page to figure legends, each journal has specific requirements and the details differ from journal to journal. As an optional extra, we will format your manuscript for the journal to which you would like to submit.

When formatting papers for journal guidelines, we do the following:

* Overall document formatting (i.e. paper size, margins, page numbers, line spacing, sections start on a new page, etc.)
* Check title page to make sure the required info is included and in the correct order (if something is missing, we will add comments stating what has to be added)
* Check the abstract for structure (i.e. sub-headings or not, word count, etc.)
* Check order of the sections (i.e. tables before or after the references, etc.)
* Check the reference format

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Email your manuscript to us now via info@atsme.tw for a quote by return or contact us for more information via our contact page or any of the following.

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Email your manuscript to us now via info@atsme.tw for a quote by return or contact us for more information via our contact page or any of the following.

Email: info@atsme.tw
Mobile: 0905-598-628
Tel: (02) 2933-2831
Line: atsjoyce